Council of Thieves - Collins 2013

A new start - Spring 2012

Fresh characters

Cheliax, spring 2012. Time for a new party! The previous one was a bit unbalanced; and of course we never quite got a full complement of players. With this new Monday evening session time, and a solid group of four players we can achieve great things I am sure.

Stan made his new character using ‘Hero Builder’ software; it works very well but sadly is not free. But the online generator is fine too. This time around, for balance issues, we’ll use the point buy system and make it “Low Fantasy” – I always liked Cugel better than Elric if you know what I mean. Make your characters civilized! Urbane, witty and congenial would be fine.

OK, see you around the table,

— BC


Trying again, this time in July 2013. Let’s see what happens now.

A new start - Spring 2012

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