Morosino is a nine year old boy that seems much like any other boy excepting that when he laughs (which is often actually) his eyes are, at best, very serious and when he is serious his eyes often have a glint of mischief about them. His short snarled black hair is often tucked into a cap or hood and his hands and face are dirty and animated when he speaks.

Morosino has a laugh that pulls even hard-edged Janiven Key into joining in… Janiven has only recently met the child but in many ways it is this 9 year old boy that is the heart of the Children of Westcrown. She has investigated his past as best she can. Many hours, quite a few coins and an equal number of threats have revealed that nine years is far more than Morosine should have seen. His parents are unknown but are likely to be either a dock whore and a sailor or travelling laborers who lived on the docks long enough to bring the boy into the world.

It is fact that Morosino was taken in by an orphanage that operated on the docks in the Rego Crua until, in Morosino’s fifth year, the building was razed by the clergy of Asmodeus who circled the building and engulfed it in purifying flames following the discovery of demon-worship and blasphemous practices occurring within. Morosino was one of the few that escaped those flames but what, if anything, which he saw or suffered within, seems lost to Morosino. The next year saw the boy living in the Rego Crua on his own. Given the odd of survival in such an environment the master of the Begger’s Guild took him into their midst.

Life in the guild was hard and the duties of the children within the guild consisted of worse tasks than begging on the streets but it offered Morosino food, shelter and companionship. Morosino lived there until six months ago when Janiven was aided by the boy during a case she was working on finding a kidnapped child. Morosino aided Janiven in direct conflict with his guild and Morosino suffered a serious beating as retaliation. The boy was found by Janiven close to death in a gutter after dark, left for the shadow creatures to claim. Arael and Janiven nursed him back to health and the boy has been a committed member of their cause ever since.


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