House Thrune

Abrogail thrune ii
Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II

At the very apex of the Cheliax pyramid is House Thrune, the largely uncontested rulers of the land for over 60 years. The lineage of the house is not direct; various clans within it maneuver for power, seeking to place one of their own upon the throne, though they unite against outsiders who seek to move beyond the status of “pawn.” The ruthless power struggles within the Thrunes have brought Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II to the throne well before she was due to ascend. Though she is rumored to be immature, spoiled, and demanding, she is also one of the sharpest, most vicious political infighters the House has seen in decades. Her predecessors are:

• Antoninus, Abrogail I’s son, who took the throne over Abrogail’s bloody corpse;

• Antoninus’s cousin, Terthule, who ascended when the king’s safu’u fish was incorrectly prepared;

• Terthule’s niece, Carellia, whose mysterious drowning has never been satisfactorily investigated;

• Carellia’s cousin, Infrexus, who slipped under the ice on the Adivian River.

Rumor has it that Abrogail II re-bound the Courts of Hell to the contract signed by her great-grandmother, bringing the sharp eye of Asmodeus back to the realm in the person of the pit fiend General Gorthoklek. Those who have been in the court when he is present report that though he cloaks himself in human guise, the aura of power and evil emanating from him is overwhelming and unmistakable; they also say that Abrogail II seems entirely unaffected by his power, and that though he offers suggestions to her, it is clear that she is the one who controls the direction of Chelish policy. Indeed, they whisper, the devil reins in her worst impulses: Hell truly serves Cheliax.

House Thrune

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