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Campaign Traits – These are what set your characters apart from the general public.

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A Chelish Glossary
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House Thrune
Noble Houses Of Cheliax
Noble Houses Of Westcrown
Foreign Affairs And The Cheliax Military

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The River Edicts
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Adventurers In Cheliax

Cheliax is a land of deception and intrigue, backstabbings and bluffs. Westcrown in particular labors under a cursed history, with all manner of loosely moraled individuals populating its many shadowed streets. A flame shines all the brighter in the dim Westcrown, though, and adventurers of courage and principle find their services greatly needed, and the ability to make a difference draws heroes from all over the land. The Wiscrani (as citizens of Westcrown are known) often live hard lives, yet they carry themselves with pride nevertheless. The following section presents information on the most common races and classes that might rise to glory during the course of the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. For additional information about the races and classes of Golarion, consult the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting.

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