Noble Houses Of Cheliax

Of the several hundreds of noble houses officially recognized in Cheliax, the following are the most powerful.

House Charthagnion: Serving under an infernal pact that grants its members superhuman wisdom, House Charthagnion faces centuries of servitude as payment.

House Henderthane: Weapons dealers for the last thousand years, House Henderthane supplies the House of Thrune with all the weapons it and its allies needs.

House Jeggare: House Jeggare is one of Avistan’s (not just Cheliax’s) wealthiest families, and its philanthropic endeavors are felt across the continent.

House Leroung: Members of House Leroung act as the headmasters of several universities and wizarding schools. Even in nations hostile to Cheliax, House Leroung is respected and accepted, thanks to its academic neutrality.

House Narikopolus: The archers of House Narikopolus are renowned across Avistan for their powerful bows and extensive training that begins as young as 6 years.

House Sarini: Sometimes called the “Fools of Thrune” or the “Lapdogs of Hell,” House Sarini jesters incorporate cruel humor and infrequent hate-based comedy.

House of Thrune: Long before Aroden died, the House of Thrune actively worked with the forces of Hell. Even in the time of Imperial Cheliax, its members acted strangely, dressing at all times in laced black and gothic colors. Few actually suspected the family of devil worship. Since its rise to power, Thrune generously rewards its allies and viciously punishes its foes.

Noble Houses Of Cheliax

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