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Every Chelaxian knows Westcrown’s terrible history. Many have parents or grandparents who lived in the city the day Aroden was to come and claim his crown—and instead witnessed an empire’s collapse. When the diabolic new rulers of Cheliax moved the capital city, they left behind ruin and despair. Westcrown crumbles under the weight of shattered dreams and thwarted aspirations. Yet even after years of emigration, it remains the largest city in Cheliax and one of the largest in Avistan. Westcrown’s location ensures its place as a major commercial trade hub, an important military post, and a major port on the western Inner Sea. Boats laden with food or slaves anchor at the floating marinas and ferry their goods to the city’s many markets. Trade exports from Westcrown include sea salt, seafood, sun pearls, timber, sailcloth, textiles, wool, wine, olives, herbs, unique crimson pottery, and quality ships. The city’s many religious sites continue to draw the pious, the curious, and the devious. The ruins of the northern city draw interest among those looking for illegal goods or rare treasures from the dangerous rubble. But once the sun sets, only the foolish walk out of doors in Westcrown, for the shadow beasts prowl every darkened lane and waterway.

Founded as a holy site to Aroden, the city was renamed Westport in 3837 ar after an extended siege by greedy noble families. After the Chelish king Korrado II moved the capital there from Ostenso in 3991, he again changed the name, this time to Westcrown, sparking massive immigration and construction. Aroden’s death incited chaos in the city. Without the mandate of divine rule, many families grabbed for power. The civil wars among Chelish noble families only resolved after 30-some years and more death in Cheliax than has ever been recorded. Some said the rise of diabolism came from all the blood spilled, and that the devils simply came along to clean it up. Regardless, the strict order imposed by these forces calmed many after the chaos of a generation. House Thrune used those feelings of relief to its advantage, and before any could question the nobles’ diabolical alliances, House Thrune was unstoppable in its power grab for the Imperial Throne.
Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail I, wrenched Westcrown’s pride away in a heartbeat as she and her bound devils abandoned the city for her home in Egorian. For nearly 70 years, Westcrown and its people have struggled to recover from these losses. Westcrown has regained some prominence and wealth as Cheliax’s main trading port, but it remains a pale shadow of what it once was.

Westcrown / Metropolis standard (mayor backed by Chelish monarchy)/ AL LE / GP Limit 16,000

Cosmopolitan Population 0f 114,700 (88% human, 7% halfling, 5% other races)

The River Edicts

The Laws of Travel, also called the River Edicts, are well known by those who ply the waters in and around Westcrown—and finding ways around them has long been a pastime. First, no one (not even imperial troops) can halt the water travel of anyone on the river. Second, no canals can be blocked or closed save by those given authority by the duxotar, officers of the palace warden, or the city’s imperial naval commander. Third, unauthorized encroachment of imperial waters (a 50-foot perimeter around any moving imperial craft, or 100 feet for a moored one) is punishable by immediate attack and potential death. Fourth, attacks from shore to craft are allowed only in the defense of city property.

Westcrown City

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